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President Kent Fuchs
May 6, 2016

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Based on funding available for the new fiscal year, I am pleased to announce faculty and staff salary increases and a term professorship program for tenure-track faculty.

I appreciate the fact that the University and several of the respective bargaining units are at work on raises for the coming year. Any raises for these employees are subject to final bargaining and agreement.

For those not represented by bargaining units: a 1.5 percent pool for salary increases will be established for eligible faculty and staff effective January 1, 2017, to be distributed across-the-board.  Additional details regarding the eligibility criteria and the process for implementing the salary increases will be forthcoming from Human Resource Services.

 To further recognize and reward faculty achievements, and subject to completion of bargaining, 750 term professorships will be established as follows: 

  • Each award lasts 3 years and pays a $5K per year salary supplement
  • 250 awards will be distributed each year
  • Tenure track Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors and Assistant, Associate, and Full Curators in the fifth year (or more) of service are eligible for the award

Although the increase in revenue is constrained for the coming year, the university is committed to providing competitive compensation.  Having completed my first full academic year at UF, I’m keenly aware of our exceptional faculty and staff, and I deeply appreciate your commitment, excellence and productivity.  I look forward to continuing to work with all of you.


Warm regards,


W. Kent Fuchs
President, University of Florida

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